M/S SOFT TURF is a specialized manufacturers of PVC cushion mat rolls, PVC doormats and car mats.Ovur manufacturing unit is situated at Bangalore in India. We are committed to produce quality goods and provide our customers with the best services. We produce a variety of vinyl cushion mat [pvc loop mat] which are used in.....

It has a strong structured vinyl loop supported by a solid PVC backing .

It has a medium structured loop and solid PVC backing.

It has a light structured loop and solid PVC backing.

Sizes Available 30x40,40x60,40x75,60x90.

100% Vinyl, durable , easy maintenance.
Flexible PVC backing.
Traps,hides and removes dirt.
Fire resistant.
Hygienic clean and washabl.
Value for money.
Unique colours.
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